Full list of Australia and New Zealand records

Findmypast Australia & New Zealand has a vast collection of records for you to search for your ancestors and build your family tree. Many of these records are exclusive and not available elsewhere online. There’s no easier way for you to explore your family history.

We’ve divided our records into categories to make it easier for you to find your ancestors based on what you may already know. Scroll through them below, and think about which records may hold the secrets to your past!

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Education & Work

Australasian Medical Directory & Handbook 1883-1900
Australian Pastoral Directory 1913-1954
Brands Directory of South Australia / Sheep Brands 1936-1938
Brands Directory South Australia / Sheep, Cattle, Horse Brands 1901
Calendar University of Tasmania 1916-1917
Centenary Catalogue of Farms and Stations for Sale in Western Australia
Classification List of the Queensland Loco Enginemen, Firemen & Cleaners 1912
Coffs Harbour District Schools
Commonwealth Public Service List 1904-1920
Loxton's Medical Directory 1911
Medical Directory 1915
New South Wales Public Service List 1934
New South Wales, Junior and Senior Public Examinations 1867-1916
New South Wales, Medical Directory 1903
New South Wales, Railway Employment Records
New Zealand Civil Establishment Nominal Roll 1871
New Zealand civil service examinations 1906-1907
New Zealand Lands & Surveys Department Nominal Roll Of Officers 1901
New Zealand officiating ministers 1882
New Zealand Railway Employees 1896
New Zealand registered teachers 1906
New Zealand Return Of Officers In Provincial Governments 1866
New Zealand University Graduates 1870-1963
New Zealand, teachers’ examinations 1906-1907
New Zealand: Sheep-Farmers 1881-1918
Queensland Blue Book 1870-1911
Queensland Brands Directory 1920-1952
Queensland Education Gazette 1899-1959
Queensland Horse and Cattle Brands Index 1872-1899
Queensland Public Service 1864-1948
Queensland Railway Appointments and Removals 1890
Queensland Railway Dismissals 1879: Ipswich and Rockhampton Railway Workshops
Queensland Railway Employees 1889-1940
Queensland School Pupils Index, Parts 1-4
Queensland Sheep Brands 1877-1900
Queensland State School Committee Members 1876-1899
Queensland Teachers Index 1907-1920
Queensland, Nurses examinations 1914-1925
Queensland, Reformatory School for Boys admission registers 1871-1906
Queensland, registered teachers 1860-1905
Queensland, Seamen 1882-1919
Queensland, Toowoomba Girls Reformatory admissions & discharges 1881-1903
South Australia cultivators 1840
South Australian Education Gazette 1911
Sydney University Calendar 1887
The Grazier's Review 1930-1934
Western Australia Blue Book 1871-1905

Institutions & Organisations

Brisbane Hospital patient index, 1887-1902
Civic record of South Australia 1921-1923
Croydon Hospital admissions index, 1888-1925
Moreton Bay Miscellaneous Records 1855-1859
Moreton Bay Supreme Court Records 1857-1859
New South Wales Gaol Photographic Description Books 1871-1969
New South Wales Police Gazette 1862 -1900
New Zealand Jury Rolls 1842-1862
New Zealand Pensions Granted 1868
New Zealand Prisoners Pardoned 1860-1862
New Zealand, Nelson, petition after the Wairau incident 1843
Northern Territory Parliamentary Index 1884-1890
Parliamentary Papers for the Colony of Victoria, 1852-1879
Queensland Criminal Reports 1860-1907
Queensland Miner’s Rights and Business Licences 1870-1884
Queensland Miscellaneous Licences 1860-1899
Queensland Police Gazette 1864-1900
Queensland Police Gazette Index 1864-1874
Queensland Timber Licences 1860-1901
Queensland, Australia, Unclaimed Letters 1859-1874
Queensland, Inquests 1859-1897
Queensland, Justices of the Peace 1857-1957
Queensland, Old Age Pension Applicants 1908-1909
Queensland, Toowoomba Prison records 1864-1906
Queensland, Trustee Files 1889-1929
South Australia destitute women 1855-1860
South Australian Police Gazette 1862-1900
Supreme Court Brisbane Originating Summons 1901-1906
Tasmania convict records 1800-1893
Tasmania Police Gazette 1884-1900
Tasmania Reports of Crime 1861-1883
Victoria Petty Sessions Registers
Victoria Police Gazette 1855-1900
Victoria Prison Registers 1871-1960
Victoria, Mental Health Institutions
Wallangarra Quarantine Admission Registers 1918-1919

Life Events (BDMs)

Australia BillionGraves Cemetery Index
Australia Births and Baptisms 1792-1981
Australia Deaths and Burials 1816-1980
Australia Marriages 1788-1935
Australian Capital Territory Deaths 1930-1983
Australian Capital Territory Marriages
New South Wales Will Books 1800-1952
New South Wales, deceased estate files 1880-1923
New South Wales, Newcastle, Lost Cemeteries 1842-1902
New South Wales, Rookwood Cemetery
New South Wales, Stroud baptismal register 1892-1925
New South Wales, Tea Gardens Cemetery inscriptions 1898-2014
New South Wales, Waverley & South Head Cemetery Inscriptions
New Zealand birth index
New Zealand marriage index
New Zealand Waikaraka Cemetery memorial 1902-1940
New Zealand, Hillsborough Cemetery
New Zealand, Hillsborough Cemetery Plan
New Zealand, Purewa Cemetery Burials
New Zealand, Purewa Cemetery Cremations
Northern Territory Deaths 1824-2012
Northern Territory, Anglican Baptisms and Confirmations 1900-1947
Northern Territory, Anglican Church Burials 1900-1968
Northern Territory, Anglican Marriages 1902-1953
Pitcairn Islands Marriages 1824-1854
Queensland births 1829-1919
Queensland Deaths
Queensland deaths 1829-1964
Queensland funeral records
Queensland funeral records
Queensland Intestacies, Insolvencies & Wills 1859-1900
Queensland Intestacy Returns Index 1896-1916
Queensland marriages 1829-1939
Queensland, Albany Creek Columbarium
Queensland, Alberton Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Anglican Cemeteries and Columbaria, Brisbane, Volume 2 & 3
Queensland, Anglican Church of Australia, Parish of Sherwood (Brisbane) Cemetery and Columbarium Wall Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Beenleigh Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Bethania Lutheran Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Brookfield Cemetery, Brisbane, Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Bulimba Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Cleveland Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Coleyville, Engelsburg (Kalbar), Boonah & Highfields Baptist Cemeteries Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Cooloola Coast Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, divorces 1861-1894
Queensland, Eagleby Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Goomeri Cemetery Index
Queensland, Mackay, Funeral notices and funeral director records
Queensland, Minden, Tarampa and Vernor Baptist Cemeteries
Queensland, Moggill Cemetery (Brisbane) Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Mt Cotton Cemeteries Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Mundubbera Cemetery Index
Queensland, Pimpama Island Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions 
Queensland, Pine Rivers District Cemeteries – Bunya, Dayboro, Lawnton, Samford & Samsonvale
Queensland, Ravenswood Cemetery Headstones Index
Queensland, Redland Bay Cemeteries Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, South Brisbane Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Taroom Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Toowong Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Wandoan Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
South Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1836-2005
South Australia, Catholic Baptisms 1840-1863
South Australia, lonely graves 1837-2005
South Australia, Pre-civil births 1836-1842
South Australia, Pre-civil deaths 1836-1842
South Australia, Pre-civil marriages 1836-1842
South Australia, remote deaths 1851-1965
South Australia, unregistered deaths 1840-1970
Victoria births
Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Victoria divorce cause books 1861-1938
Victoria Marriages 1836-1942
Victoria wills & probate
Victoria, Cemetery Burials and Memorial Inscriptions for Victoria 1835 -1997
Victoria, Funeral Notices 1981-1997
Western Australia birth index
Western Australia death index
Western Australia marriage index

Newspapers, Directories & Social History

Aldine History of New South Wales
Aldine History of South Australia
Australian Almanac & Sydney Directory 1834 (O'Shaughnessey)
Australian Almanac 1831-1873
Australian Dictionary of Dates & Men
Australian Handbook 1889, 1900, 1904
Ballarat & Ballarat East Directory 1865-1866
Ballarat & District Directory 1904
Barrier Miner Business Directory 1891
Blairs Cyclopaedia of Australasia
Border Watch Almanac and Directory 1934
Brief History of Canberra 1927
Chronicles of Early Melbourne 1835-51
Civic Record of South Australia 1936
Cook's Interstate Business Directory 1937
Cyclopedia Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Cook Islands
Cyclopedia of New South Wales
Cyclopedia of New Zealand Volume 1-6
Cyclopedia of South Australia 1907-1909
Cyclopedia of Tasmania 1900
Cyclopedia of Victoria
Cyclopedia of Western Australia 1912-1913
Dictionary of Australasian Biography
District Directory of Albury and Regions Around 1901
Fords Australian Almanac 1852-1853
Founders of Australia
Foxs History of Queensland 1919-1923
Geelong & Western Directory 1866-1867
Glance at Australia in 1880: Embracing a Squatters and Farmers Directory of the Whole of Australia
Handbook to Australasia 1859
Hawkesbury & Shoalhaven Calendar, Directory, Guide & Historical Record
History of West Australia
Hue and Cry Police Gazette Index
International Genealogical Research Directory 1981-1993
Johns Notable Australians 1906
Letters from Victorian Pioneers
Men of the Time in Australia: Victorian Series
Names in Government Gazettes, Victoria 1858-1900
National Directory of South Australia 1867-68 (Butler)
New South Wales Almanac and Country Directory 1921, 1924
New South Wales Almanac and Hand Book 1854, 1857
New South Wales Commercial Directory 1947 (Wise)
New South Wales Country Directory, 1895 - 1929
New South Wales Country Trades Register 1898
New South Wales Directory 1867, 1928
New South Wales Government Gazette 1832-1850
New South Wales Government Gazettes 1832-1863
New South Wales PO Directory 1875-1936
New South Wales Pocket Almanac 1820
New South Wales Telephone Directory 1913-1953
New South Wales, Sydney Directory 1847-1913
New South Wales, Sydney PO Directory 1857 (Cox)
New Zealand Directory 1866-1867 (Stevens)
New Zealand Gazette 1876-1886
New Zealand PO Directory 1890-1933
New Zealand, Early History of New Zealand 1890
New Zealand, History of Otago: Origins and Growth
New Zealand, Industries of New Zealand 1898
New Zealand, Women’s Suffrage Petition 1893
Northern Territory Almanac Directory 1887-1890
Northern Territory Section of the Adelaide Almanac & Directory for South Australia 1908-1930
Northern Territory Section of the Queensland Post Office Directory 1920-1921
NSW Calendar and PO Directory 1833
NSW Telephone Directory 1934-1935 Sydney
Official Municipal Year Book & Shires Directory New South Wales 1907
Otago Settlement Jubilee 1898
Port Phillip Government Gazette 1847
Pughs Moreton Bay Almanac 1859
Queensland Government Gazette 1859-1905
Queensland Government Gazette Consolidated Index 1859-1919
Queensland PO Directory 1868-1915
Queensland Telephone Directory 1931-1959
Queensland, Brisbane Directory & Squatters guide 1876 (Shaw)
Queensland, Brisbane Directory 1878-1879, 1919
Queensland, Brisbane PO Directory & Country Guide 1885-1888
Queensland, Darling Downs Almanac and Directory 1900
Queensland, Pughs Almanac & Queensland Directory 1860-1927
Radio Call 1937-1956
Representative Men of South Australia
Six Colonies of New Zealand 1851
Slaters Queensland Almanac 1882,1887 & 1903
South Australia PO Directory 1903 (Wise)
South Australia, Commercial & Trades Directory SA 1882-1883
South Australia, Notable South Australians
South Australia, Pastoral Pioneers of SA
South Australian Almanac & Directories 1839-1883
South Australian Directory 1902-1930 (Sands)
South Australian Government Gazette 1841-1870
Stewarts Handbook of Pacific Islands 1921 & 1922
Strays Collection Australasia 1987-1998
Tasmania PO Directory (Wise) 1890-1947
Tasmania Telephone Directory 1953
Tasmania, Hobart Gazette 1903-1906
Tasmania, Hobart Town Gazette 1827-1880
Tasmania, Jubilee History of Tasmania
Tasmania, Walch’s Tasmanian Almanac 1891-1915
Tasmanian Cyclopedia 1931
Tasmanian Directory 1867-68, 1887
Tasmanian Government Gazette 1907-1919
Tasmanian Royal Kalendar & Almanack 1849 & 1850
Teggs New South Wales Pocket Almanac 1842
The Scottish Australasian 1910-1918
Victoria and its Metropolis 1888
Victoria and Riverina Traders Directory 1937
Victoria, Annals of Bendigo v1 1851-1867 & v3 1892-1909
Victoria, Melbourne Almanac and General Intelligencer 1858 (Williams)
Victoria, Melbourne Directory 1854-1893
Victorian Directory 1904 (Sands)
Victorian Government Gazette 1851-1901
Victorian PO Directory (Wise) 1888, 1904, 1914
Victorian Year Book 1873-1878
Western Australian PO Directory 1905-1942
Wragge's Australasian Weather Guide and Almanac 1898, 1903

Travel & Migration

Aliens Registered in the Northern Territory 1916–1921
Calais Lacemaker immigrants to South Australia 1848
Convict Transportation Registers 1787-1870
Convicts in South Australia sentenced to transportation 1836–1852
Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879
Emigrants seeking free passage to South Australia 1836–1841
Emigration: Where to Go
Genealogical Index to Australians and Other Expatriates in Papua New Guinea
New South Wales and Tasmania: Settlers and Convicts 1787-1859
New South Wales assisted passenger lists
New South Wales unassisted passenger lists
New South Wales, Convict Arrivals 1788-1842
New Zealand Emigration and Gold Fields
New Zealand for the Emigrant 1890
Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960
Passengers to South Australia on board Buffalo 1836
Queensland Assisted Immigration 1848-1912
Queensland Customs House Shipping 1852-1885: Passengers and Crew
Queensland Early Pioneers Index 1824-1859
Queensland Immigration Registers 1922-1940
Queensland Naturalisations 1851-1904
Queensland Nominated Immigrants 1908-1922
Queensland passports index 1915-1925
Queensland Ship Deserters 1862-1911
Queensland, Brisbane Register of Immigrants 1885-1917
Queensland, Maryborough Registers of Rations Issued to Immigrants 1875-1884
South Australia Naturalisations 1849-1903
South Australia, immigrant agricultural workers 1913-14
South Australian ex-convicts
Victoria coastal passenger lists 1852-1924
Victoria Inward Passenger Lists 1839-1923
Victoria Inward Passenger Lists 1839-1923
Victoria Outward Passenger Lists 1852-1915