Find your ancestors in Census, Land & Survey Records


This collection contains the ever-important electoral rolls - a foundation of genealogy. With over 6.5 million records available for Australia and New Zealand, these records cover important milestones in your ancestry. They cover a period from the 1850s to the mid-1900s and contain some great information for building your family tree..

Using electoral rolls is an important part of the process for people researching family history. As enrolment is compulsory for all eligible voters (with the exception of Norfolk Island) there is a strong chance that a person can be located. Electoral rolls contain valuable information such as name, address, occupation and polling place. As census data is not always available, electoral rolls are certainly the next best thing to aid your search, and really are worth their weight in gold!

There's also a wide array of other records in this collection that are just as valuable. For example, The Crown Land Licences Victoria lists thousands of occupants of crown land licences. This very important historical and genealogical source also contains information such as name of licensee, name of run, quantity of land in each station, number of licenses charged for each station, license fee and amount of stock.

The Yewens Directory Landholders New South Wales is another extensive guide to over 70,000 landholders throughout NSW, by district and postal address. There is an introduction and summary to each district. It indicates for each landholder whether they are dairy farmers, graziers or agriculturalists and what crops are under cultivation.

Other useful record sets include The Land Tax Register & Valuation Victoria 1888 which contain tables of land tax registers with information such as owner name, address, valuation and class of land; or The Pastoral Possessions of New South Wales ,with information on areas of land owned.

Plus, there's much more to explore! Start searching now!