Find your ancestors in Victorian PO Directory (Wise) 1888, 1904, 1914

VICTORIAN PO DIRECTORY (Wise) 1888, 1904, 1914

Do you have Victorian ancestry?

Directories are one of the most effective ways of tracing members of a family, especially tradesmen, and hence are essential if you're searching your family history or building a family tree. Many small businesses needed to ensure the public was aware of their activity and one of the better ways to do this (in an age before media dominated) was via a directory. The value of directories as a research tool is enhanced when no census material is available. Refer to display advertisements as well, as they often provide names and addresses.

"What information can I find in this collection?"

In this directory you can expect to find people named with their addresses under:

  • Alphabetical directory (colony-wide)

  • Trade and professional directory

  • Towns and districts directories

Other sections including names but usually not addresses:

  • Commerce management, banking, insurance companies, exporters of English goods to Victoria

  • Government, MPs, heads of departments

  • Clergy

  • University of Melbourne academic staff, teachers in private schools

  • Medical practitioners, hospitals, dentists, pharmacists

  • Courts, judicial officers, barristers, solicitors, Justices of the Peace

Contained in this collection are the Wise directories for 1888, 1904 and 1914.