Find your ancestors in Education & Work


Hard work laid the foundations of your family. Now, that work can be the key to uncovering your past...

Are you exploring your family history or building a family tree? With over 2.7 million records, our Education & Work collection covers an important part of life, and includes records from the 1860s to 1950s. It provides useful - and sometimes, surprising - information about our ancestry, making it a crucial genealogy tool.

Some of the wonderful data sets on offer include: The Australian Pastoral Directory (which lists stockowners across Australia); The Queensland Blue Book (which gives details of people employed in the Queensland Civil Service - with some interesting information like salary); The Queensland Railway Employees records; medical directories, and much more. Search them now!


Medical Directory New South Wales 1903 example
This is a sample of one of the medical directories included. It has a range of useful information, such as a complete listing of registered doctors, surgeons – including their qualifications and past experience, obituaries as well as relevant geographical information for the different states. This particular example shows a list of practitioners, their location and the year of their qualification. This is just one example of what can be found within the Education & work category and information that can be obtained varies greatly.

Western Australia Blue Book 1871-1877 example

This is an example of the original book. The information that can be found is very useful, given the lack of census records in Australia; these publications can often provide similar records for government employees. This particular example shows an index of Post Office employees and includes their position, name, date of appointment and annual salary.