Find your ancestors in Aldine History of South Australia


Do you have South Australian ancestry?

Following on from the success of both the Aldine History of Queensland and the Aldine History of New South Wales, South Australia was next for W. Frederic Morrison. Published in 1890 in two volumes which total over 1000 pages, these rare volumes contain a comprehensive and well illustrated record of South Australia at the time. This valuable genealogy resource of South Australian history and biographies is a must for all with an interest in the early history of this colony and the families represented, or for anyone exploring their family history and building a family tree.

Volume one consists of 32 chapters including:

  • Early explorers

  • Geography

  • Aborigines

  • Flora and fauna

  • Education

  • Religion

  • Recreations

  • Primary and secondary resources

  • Governors of South Australia

  • The Constitution

Volume two

Volume two has one more chapter which concludes the history section. This is then followed by about 400 pages of biographies of early South Australians including biographies of many in Adelaide as well as 71 country regions around the state. There are 143 illustrations, many in colour of people and scenes around South Australia. The biographies often include information such as:

  • Name

  • Birth year 

  • Birth place 

  • When they emigrated

  • Working life

  • Other interesting facts