Find your ancestors in New South Wales assisted passenger lists

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Each result will provide a transcript and image of the original record; the information included on the transcript will vary; however, most will include the following fields:

  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Birth year
  • Nationality/where born
  • Passage type
  • Year
  • Departure port
  • Vessel
  • Arrival year
  • Arrival date
  • Arrival port
  • State
  • Archive
  • Year range

Images may contain additional details including marital status, religion, calling (occupation), health, and level of literacy. Depending on the type of record, images may also include additional details about the ship and its crew, as well as details about the voyage: master’s name, whether a passenger was in a cabin or in steerage, or if a passenger was travelling with children.

Assisted passengers refers to those who received monetary assistance from another party or agency/government for their passage. There were several assisted immigration schemes set up for this purpose in the hopes of encouraging migration and settlement in Australia. Included in this category are the following series:

  • Persons on early migrant ships, NRS 5310 – These records were prepared by the Colonial Secretary and cover the years 1828 to 1832. The lists include the following fields: name, age, sex, country, calling (occupation), and whether in steerage or cabin.
  • Persons on bounty ships (Agent's Immigrant Lists), NRS 5316 – Covering the years 1838 to 1896, these records generally include the following details: name, age, sex, calling (occupation), marital status, native place, and education.