Find your ancestors in Victoria Police Gazette 1855-1900


Do you have ancestry in Victoria?

Police Gazettes kept police throughout Victoria informed about many things, such as regulations within the force and police employment opportunities. But they also contained information on all crimes. These make the gazettes a genealogy tool with broad use, as not only do they reference the criminals in great detail, but quite often the victims - meaning basically anyone within the community could potentially be in them.

"What information do these police gazettes have?"

These gazettes have a range of information about various police-related matters, including:

housebreaking and stealing
highway robbery
felonies, murder, arson and other crimes
horse and cattle stealing
larceny and embezzlement
missing persons - with detailed descriptions
property lost and found
desertions - from vessels, police force, military
lists of those apprehended
escaped convicts - with descriptions (including other colonies)
ticket of leave holders
escaped lunatics
police notices from other colonies
police promotions, reductions and dismissals
miscellaneous information - which can include any information of police interest that does not into the regular categories of police notices

So, if you have ancestry in Victoria, it's really worth giving these police gazettes a go - they're a wonderful genealogy tool for anyone exploring their family history or building their family tree.