Find your ancestors in Victoria and its Metropolis 1888


Do you have Victorian ancestry?

Victoria and Its Metropolis' is a large twp volume history of Victoria, written in 1888 by Alexander Sutherland. Beautifully presented with many etchings and drawings throughout, this book is the perfect addition to any library of Australian and Victorian history. It contains a huge amount of information on the people of the colony and its early history.

The first volume covers information from the discovery of Australia, through to the exploration of Victoria and the first settlers to the pioneers. It then continues on to discuss immigration, the era of gold, the development of government, agriculture, music and art, literature and the metropolis of Melbourne.

A large portion of the second volume examines the colony by district, which covers many districts throughout the state as well as the metropolitan area. Hundreds of biographical entries are scattered throughout and a comprehensive biographical index is included at the end.

This work provides an invaluable resource for all local and social historians of Victoria and its metropolis of Melbourne. It's an invaluable genealogy resource for anyone exploring their family history or building a family tree.