Find your ancestors in South Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1836-2005

South Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1836-2005

Search for your ancestors amongst the cemetery inscriptions from 79 cemeteries around South Australia. Uncover useful biographical information about your ancestor and find out what their headstone reads.

What can these records tell me?

Each record includes a transcript. The amount of information listed varies, but the South Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1836-2005 usually include the following information about your ancestor:

* Name

* Age

* Death date

* Cause of death

* Source of information

* Headstone inscription

* Cemetery

* Cemetery location

* Birth details

* Relationships

* Biography

* Comments

Discover more about South Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1836-2005

This is a collection of transcribed cemeteries in rural areas of South Australia. It includes inscriptions from 79 cemeteries, although it is not a complete set.

Cemeteries included in the South Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1836-2005

Adelaide Gaol, Alawoona, Allendale North Methodist, Alma South, Amyton, Apoinga Lutheran, Baldina St Paul Lutheran, Belton, Belvidere, Bletchley Wesleyan, Blinman, Bookabie, Brownlow St Paul Lutheran, Bruce, Bugle Hut St Martin, Bundey Lutheran, Coulta Old, Cradock, Cungena, Darke Peak, Euralia, Farina, Finniss Point, Gordon, Harveys Return, Hookina (old), Hynam, Innamincka, Johnburg, Kanyaka, Keyneton Private Catholic, Kingscote Pioneer, Lindley Lutheran, Lyndhurst, Macaw Creek, Magdala, Mambray Creek (Baroota), Meadows St George, Mount Mary, Nackara, Nain Lutheran, New Hookina formerly Wonoka, North Anlaby Trinity Lutheran, Nundroo, Overland Corner, Peters Hill (Ettrick), Peters Hill (Huppatz), Peters Hill (old), Pichi Richi, Pine Creek nr Saddleworth, Poonindie, Point Sturt, Radium Hill, Riverton, Riverton Pioneer Garden, Saltia, Sandleton Pilgrim Lutheran, Sliding Rock 1, Sliding Rock 2, Springfield Bible Christian, St Kitts Lutheran St Paul, Tiparra St Paul Lutheran, Torrens Island Quarantine Station, Tothills Creek Kollyowha Primitive Methodist, Undalya St Patrick, Upper Bright Zion Lutheran, Wadnaminga, Walker Flat, Walloway Lutheran, Wanbi, Warrina, Waterloo Methodist, Waterloo Primitive Methodist (aka Pancharpoo), Waukaringa 1, Waukaringa 2, Waukaringa 3, Wilson, Wirrabara Forest, Yunta.

Data provided by Graham Jaunay.