Find your ancestors in Chronicles of Early Melbourne 1835-51


Do you have Melbourne ancestry?

"Written by Edmund Finn (“Garryowen”) in 1888, this publication is a unique and fascinating history of early Melbourne (1835-1851) consisting of detailed and intriguing stories and anecdotes.

The two volumes that make up this book are structured as 68 chapters covering topics such as: the beginnings of Melbourne, the official development of the municipality and it’s government, religious denominations, institutions, companies and infrastructure. It also includes anecdotes from and about the gold era, separation from New South Wales, early executions, bushrangers, Black Thursday and many other historical places, events and people of early Melbourne. Sketches of both people and places are scattered throughout both volumes.

Interesting and easy to read, this record of Melbourne's history is a fascinating read for those interested in the early history of Victoria and Melbourne, and a great genealogy tool for those with early Melbourne ancestors. Exploring your family history or building a family tree?