Find your ancestors in Queensland Miscellaneous Licences 1860-1899


Do you have ancestry in Queensland?

This database is an index of 70,262 entries to the names of persons issued with various types of licences, as listed in the Queensland Government Gazette between 1860 and 1899. Types of licenses include: Tobacco Manufacturers and Sellers, Auctioneers, Billiards, Bagatelle, Fishing, Surveyors, a range of licences to deal in liquor or spirits (apart from publicans or licensed victuallers), packet licences, licences to distil from sugar, licences to distil for fortifying wine, and even licences to distil for scientific purposes!

Please note that this index does not cover the Timber Licences or Goldfields Miners Rights, Miners Licences and Business Licences which appeared in the Gazette during this period. Indexes to these types are separate data collections within this database, and can be selected and searched individually.

In general, little additional information is given in the Gazette, though the early Auctioneers licence listings also gave a description of the licence (General or District). Sometimes the licence may have been issued earlier than is apparent from the date of the Gazette (if several months of licences were forwarded in a single batch for publication) - in these cases, reference to the Gazette will reveal the month of issue. On a few occasions, the licence has been gazetted in the incorrect name and noted in a later listing. In some cases additional information is available for licences issued in joint names.

"What information can I find on this index?"

  • Title (Mrs. Captain, Messrs., etc.)
  • First Name
  • Last Name (or Company name)
  • Place (locality of premises, etc.)
  • Type of licence (see codes used below)
  • Additional information about the licence (transfers, removal of premises, cancellation, etc.)
  • Page of the Gazette for the date
  • Date within the year of the Gazette
  • Year of the Gazette
  • Volume of the Gazette

This is a wonderful genealogy tool for anyone exploring their family history or building a family tree.