Find your ancestors in Australasian Medical Directory & Handbook 1883-1900


Do you have ancestry in the medical profession?

The Australasian Medical Directory and Handbook has a large amount of statistics and current medical information for all of Australia and New Zealand, plus several of the Pacific Islands (Fiji, Samoa and New Caledonia). It includes a large amount of useful information for social historians and anyone looking to explore their past or build a family tree.

Included is:
  • Laws applicable to the medical profession
  • A directory of medical associations and departments (giving names and addresses)
  • Information regarding medical courses and university regulations
  • A listing of medical fees
  • A complete directory of registered doctors
  • Surgeons etc listing their qualifications and past experience
  • Obituaries as well as relevant geographical information for the different states
  • A general gazetteer and local directory for several country towns
  • Statistics as well as a listing of medical periodicals

We've digitised five issues of the handbook for this set: 1883, 1886, 1892, 1896 and 1900.

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