Find your ancestors in South Australian Education Gazette 1911


Do you have ancestry in the South Australian education industry?

The South Australian Education Gazette was issued monthly and contains a wealth of information for family, local, educational and social historians. Now, you can browse or search the gazette at your own convenience - a resource you may not have had ready access to, or the time to use in a library.

Information includes:

  • A full list of schools in the January issue - with average attendance, numbers examined and teachers - with position, personal classification, salary allowances and more
  • Teacher appointments and promotions
  • Other personal notices on occasions - births, deaths, marriages, retirements, resignations
  • School information
  • Examination results
  • Recipients of scholarships, exhibitions and bursaries
Gain insight into what schooling was like in the late 19th century with:

  • Detailed information on subjects studied
  • Articles on the curriculum of various subject
  • Specimens of examination papers
  • Answers to all correspondents
  • Notes and news on particular schools

This is a wonderful genealogy tool for anyone exploring their family history or building a family tree.

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