Find your ancestors in Wakefield district Baptisms

Explore the Wakefield District baptism records and discover your ancestors. Uncover your relative’s parents’ names and add important details to your family history research.

The records include more than 40 places within the Wakefield district. Below is a full list of the all the places and date ranges.

PlaceYear Range
Ackworth, St Cuthbert16871812
Alverthorpe, St Paul18251901
Bretton, Chapel18211910
Chapelthorpe, St James18291912
Chickenley, Wesleyan18441907
Featherstone, All Saints17771872
Felkirk, St Peter17961812
Flockton, St James18131872
Gawthorpe, St Mary18991919
Horbury Bridge, St John18681884
Horbury Junction, St Mary18901914
Horbury Junction, Wesleyan18851906
Horbury, Ebenezer18621905
Horbury, St Pauls & Highfield Chapel18661939
Horbury, St Peter17671880
Horbury, United Methodist Free Church19001907
Middlestown, St Luke18771911
Monk Bretton, St Paul18391874
Normanton, All Saints16791743
Ossett, Dewsbury Rd Wesleyan18471907
Ossett, Holy Trinity17921910
Ossett, Independent Congregation17461837
Ossett, Streetside Primitive18751930
Outwood, St Mary18581903
Pontefract, St Giles16471672
Pontefract, St Giles (Chapel of Knottingley)16641672
Royson, St John18131822
Royston, St John18231907
Ryhill, St James18761913
Sandal, St Helen17761910
Sharlston, St Luke18831903
South Ossett, Christ Church18511861
Stanley, St Peter18241908
Thornes, Christ Church18761906
Thornes, St James18311895
Thornhill, St Michael17421943
Wakefield, All Saints16131896
Wakefield, Chantry Chapel18551870
Wakefield, Holy Trinity18431905
Wakefield, St Andrew18451913
Wakefield, St John17951929
Wakefield, St Mary18451905
Wakefield, St Michael18621910
Wakefield, West Parade Chapel18371899
Wakefield, Zion Chapel17821852
Warmfield, St Peter17581953
Woolley, St Peter17371941
Wragby, St Michael17831898
Wrenthorpe, Chapel18471906
Wrenthorpe, St Anne18741908

Transcripts have been created by the Wakefield & District Family History Society.