Find your ancestors in Caernarvonshire Baptisms

Discover your ancestors who were baptised in Caernarvonshire, Wales, between 1541 and 1913. The records may reveal where and when your relative was baptised, and possibly their parents’ names, which would allow you to delve further back into your family tree.

Each record comprises a transcript and black and white image of the original register. The amount of information listed varies, but the records usually include a combination of the following information about your ancestor:

  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Birth year
  • Baptism year
  • Baptism date
  • Baptism place
  • Mother’s first name(s)
  • Father’s first name(s)
  • County Country


The image may contain additional details, including:

  • Address
  • Father’s occupation
  • Officiating Minister

Please be aware that in some of the earlier records, the images are in Latin.

Discover more about these records

The record set comprises more than 231,425 records from 67 parishes. These records date from 1541 to 1913.

The records can reveal aspects of our history that we’d like to forget. An entry in the register dated 28 March 1762 reads: “Robbin Conway a Black man who belongs to Esqr. Holland”.


While researching your family history it is essential to remember that county and town borders can change. In 1972, local governments in Wales were reorganised by the Local Government (Wales) Act. Under this act, the administrative county of Caernarvonshire was abolished two years later. The administrative entity of Caernarvonshire was briefly revived in 1996 when the unitary area of Caernarvonshire and Merionethshire was formed. It was quickly renamed Gwynedd, however. Since then, Caernarvonshire has been split between the unitary authorities of Gwynedd to the west and Conwy to the east.

Today, Caernarvonshire is one of 13 historic counties in Wales. Also spelled Caernarfonshire, it’s bordered by Denbighshire, Merionethshire, and Anglesey. Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, is located in Caernarvonshire.