Find your ancestors in Wales, Monmouthshire, Pontypool workhouse deaths 1869-1894

What can these records tell me?

Each record contains a transcription of the original workhouse death register. The amount of information varies but you can find the following information about your ancestor:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Year of birth
  • Date of death
  • Date of burial
  • Parish they were admitted from
  • The church where they were buried
  • Poor Law Union

Discover more about the Pontypool workhouse

There are 797 deaths recorded.

Pontypool Poor Law Union was formed on 23 May 1836. Its operation was overseen by 26 elected Guardians representing the 22 constituent parishes for the county of Monmouth. The parishes covered were:

  • Glascoed
  • Goytrey
  • Gwehellog
  • Gwerneseny
  • Kemeys-Commander
  • Llanbaddock
  • Llandegveth
  • Llangeview
  • Llangibby
  • Llanhilleth
  • Llanllowel
  • Llanthewyvach
  • Llantrissent
  • Llanvihangel Pont-y-Moy
  • Lower Llanverchva
  • Upper Llanvrechva
  • Mamhilad
  • Monkswood
  • Panteague
  • Trevethin with Pont-y-pool
  • Trostrey
  • Usk

Panteague elected two members to the Board of Guardians and Trevethin with Pont-y-pool elected four. All the other parishes had one representative board member. The Board of Guardians met on alternate Thursdays at 10 am.

The Pontypool Union workhouse was built in 1837. The Poor Law Commissioners authorised £3,000 to be spent on constructing the building, which was to accommodate 100 inmates. This was later increased to almost 200.