Find your ancestors in Somerset Monumental Inscriptions (Full)

Discover your ancestor through these monumental inscriptions. The inscriptions include valuable details for your family tree; such as your ancestor’s birth year, denomination, parents’ names, spouse’s name and even names of your ancestor’s children. This interesting collection will help you to expand your family tree.

Each record is a transcript of information found on monuments across Somerset.

  • Name
  • Death year
  • Birth year
  • Denomination
  • Description
  • Inscription
  • County and country

The transcripts include full details of the inscription, which may include:

  • Birth date
  • Death date
  • Parents’ names
  • Parents’ death dates
  • Spouse’s names
  • Monument description (headstone, wooden bench, metal plaque, etc.)
  • Age at death
  • Children’s names
  • Children’s death dates