Find your ancestors in Buckinghamshire Marriages

Early records only recorded the name of the couple, the date, and whether the couple was married by banns or by license. If they were married by banns, you can search the Buckinghamshire banns index. From 1754, members of other denominations were required to register their marriage through the Church of England. Therefore, if your ancestor was a Methodist or Catholic, it is possible you may find their marriage in this index. The index was created by Findmypast from original records found in the Buckinghamshire Archives. An archive reference on the transcripts will allow you to locate the original image. There are a small number of records transcribed and provided by Chris Daniell. This collection includes marriages from 26 parishes between 1538 and 1838.

Buckinghamshire borders Greater London and is one of the Home Counties. The Chiltern Hills, an Area of Outstanding Beauty, run across the middle of the county. In the Domesday Book, Buckingham was the only town to be separately assessed. It was the county town until it changed to Aylesbury in the early 18th century. The largest town in Buckinghamshire is Milton Keyes.