Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts Burials

Was your ancestor buried in Norfolk County? You can discover a copy of your ancestor’s burial record by searching through thousands of bishop’s transcripts.

Each record will give you an image of the original record held at the Norfolk Record Office and a transcript of the vital details. The information in each transcript may vary, but most will include the following facts:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Birth year
  • Date
  • Place

Viewing the original image may provide additional details about your ancestor’s burial or death, such as the name of the person who performed the burial ceremony, the date of your ancestor’s death, and sometimes the cause of your ancestor’s death.

After 1598, every parish was required to create copies of their parish registers and send those copies to the bishop. These contemporary copies of registers of life events can be a blessing for family historians especially when you are searching for records in a parish where the registers were destroyed or damaged.