Find your ancestors in Tunbridge Wells Congregational Marriages

Search through 204 names from marriages at the Tunbridge Wells Congregational Church, beginning August 1864 to October 1908. Either search by the bride or groom’s name. Royal Tunbridge Wells is famous for its Chalybeate Spring.

The large town of Royal Tunbridge Wells is located in Western Kent. The town was most well-known for its Chalybeate Spring and the healing powers of the water. The spring was first discovered by Dudley Lord North in 1606 and became increasingly popular after Queen Henrietta visited in 1629.

These records cover 102 marriages at the Tunbridge Wells Congregational Church. Congregationalists believe that the individual congregation is completely autonomous and should submit to a higher or national church government. The movement arose in the late 16th and 17th centuries. In Victorian Britain they were the largest of the ‘Old Dissent,’ which includes those nonconformists who can trace their beginnings back to the 17th century. Before 1837, all marriages were to be registered with the Anglican Church, but after this year and the introduction of civil registration, religious denominations were free to keep their own registers. Non-conformist registers contain similar information to Church of England registers.