Find your ancestors in Isle of Man Births 1878-2010

Was your ancestor born on the Isle of Man? Discover your Manx ancestor’s birth date, parents’ names and residence.

The Isle of Man Births & Baptisms 1606-2010 is an amalgamation of church baptism records transcribed by FamilySearch and an index of the Isle of Man birth civil registrations created by Denise Killen. This transcript was created from the civil registration index.

The details found in each record will vary depending on the nature of its original source.

  • Name
  • Registration year
  • Registration district
  • Residence
  • Volume
  • Entry number

On the Isle of Man, compulsory civil registration of births started in 1878, over 40 years after it was required for England and Wales. There are four registration districts for Isle of Man: Ramsey, Peel, Douglas and Castletown.

How to access images of the original records

You can order original certificates from all the transcripts generated from the civil registration index created by Denise Killen. These are the transcripts that list the registration year, registration district, volume and entry number.

If you want to order a certificate, you will need to contact the Isle of Man General Registry either in person or online. A link to their website is available in Useful Links and Resources and the address can be found below.

The Douglas Civil Registry Office

Deemsters Walk


Isle of Man