Find your ancestors in Nottinghamshire Burials Index 1596-1905

What can these records tell me?

Each record contains a transcription of original parish records and bishop’s transcripts, which are held at the Nottinghamshire Archives. The amount of information in each transcript can vary depending on the date it was recorded and the condition and legibility of the original source. Below is a combination of the information you can find in each record:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Burial date
  • Burial place
  • Denomination
  • Church
  • Notes – may include information about marital status, cause of death, occupation, or more biographical detail

Discover more about these records

Nottinghamshire burials index holds more than 678,000 records from 1569 through 1905. For more information about the parishes covered in these records, review the Nottinghamshire parish lists available in the Useful links and resources. Before civil registration was introduced in 1837, most life events were recorded at the local parish. Burial records help to identify where your ancestors lived at the time of their deaths.

Nottinghamshire is in the east Midlands of England. It is bordered to the northwest by South Yorkshire, to the east by Lincolnshire, to the south by Leicestershire, and to the west by Derbyshire.