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Newspapers, Directories & Social History

The record sets included in this category are an index of British business indexes, a dental surgeons’ directory, and a directory of house directors of UK companies. Trade directories only contain a bare listing of local businesses but Business Indexes of Britain 1892 – 1987 have at least a paragraph about each shop or company, often with a photograph of it or the proprietor, along with details of when and from whom the business was acquired. In addition, family members working in the business are usually listed and, if a person is prominent in local society, the entry often mentions membership of the corporation and leisure activities including involvement with clubs, charities and other institutions.

This kind of information tells a lot about an individual's character and is extremely difficult to find elsewhere in such a comprehensive form. Kelly’s Handbook 1901 provides an alphabetical guide to more than 28,000 peers of the realm, titled, gentry, higher officials and principal landowners. Pigots Directory of Herefordshire 1835 includes over 3,100 records of locals of note in eight towns or districts in the county.

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