Find your ancestors in Lincolnshire burials

In each result, you will find an image of the original parish burial records and a transcript of the vital details. In some cases, you will get more than one record for your ancestor. The records include a mixture of burial registers and interment lists which include the time and location a person was interred. In most transcripts, you will find the following details.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Birth year – this is calculated from the age given at the time of death. In some records, the person’s age may have been incorrect. This would lead to an incorrect birth year.
  • Burial date
  • Church
  • Burial place
  • County and country
  • Archive

The original image can usually provide additional details such as an individual’s residence, marital status, and grave number, as well as who performed the ceremony.

The Lincolnshire parish registers are held at the Lincolnshire Archives. In 1538, all parishes were required to record the life events of all parishioners including baptisms, marriages, and burials. They were all recorded in a single handwritten volume. This practice changed in 1811 when parishes were required to use separate standardised registers for each event. There are over 600 places available in the burial records. We have provided a full list of the Lincolnshire parish registers places to assist you with your search.

In the Lincolnshire burials, you can find the burial record for Herbert Ingram, the founder of the *Illustrated London Times*. He was buried in his home parish St Botolph in Boston, Lincolnshire. Herbert drowned in a shipping disaster on Lake Michigan while traveling in the United States with his eldest son in 1860. His body was returned to England, and he was buried in the same parish where he was baptised. The records include three burial registers featuring Ingram’s name. The first register is handwritten and recorded that Herbert Ingram was 49 years old when he was interned on 5 October 1860. The second register shows that Ingram was buried at 1:00 on the 5th in consecrated ground, grave number 335. The third is the printed burial register recording Ingram’s burial. You can find Herbert Ingram’s baptism record in Lincolnshire baptisms. The 1811 record shows the names of his parents, Herbert and Jane (née Webb) Ingram. His father is registered as a butcher.

The Illustrated London Times was the world’s first illustrated newspaper and was first published on 14 May 1842. It was published weekly until 1971, when it began to be published less frequently. Publication finally ceased in 2003. It published news, current affairs, and social events and employed the best illustrators. The paper was highly successful. After the death of Herbert Ingram and his eldest son, Ingram’s youngest sons, William and Charles, took over as managing directors. The publication is available in Findmypast’s Newspapers and periodicals.