Find your ancestors in Glamorgan Burial Index

Explore the Glamorgan Burial Index and reveal details about your relative’s life. The index ranges from 1569 until 1983. The records will tell you the date of your ancestor’s death, where he/she lived and parental names.

The Glamorgan Burial Index includes transcripts of the original index. The information is each one can differ but they will usually include:

  • Name
  • Year
  • Date
  • Place
  • County and Country
  • Age
  • Year of Birth
  • Abode (residence)
  • Parish
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Year of Death
  • Marital Status

Discover more about the Glamorgan Burial Index

The Glamorgan Burial Index includes the areas of the historic county of Glamorganshire. After 1972, Glamorganshire was abolished and created into three preserved counties: West Glamorgan, Mid Glamorgan and South Glamorgan. Included in the records is Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.