Find your ancestors in Plymouth Deaths & Burials

Uncover your English relatives through the Plymouth Death and Burial records from 1538 until 1988. The records include the city of Plymouth and parishes in the West Devon area.

Each record includes a transcript and an image of the original death burial register. The amount of information in each transcript can vary but they will usually include the following information:

  • Name
  • Year
  • Year of Birth
  • Age
  • Burial Date
  • Place
  • Parish
  • County and Country
  • Page

Viewing the original images will add to your family research. Images can add even more useful information such as your relative’s residence and who performed the ceremony.

The Plymouth Deaths and Burial records include parish across West Devon between the years 1538 and 1988. However, there are no records between the years 1919 and 1972. Plymouth is a city within Devon County in the South East region of England; it achieved city status in 1935.