Woolmens' Company apprenticeships

The Woolmens' (winders and packers of wool) Company has one pre-nineteenth century register of apprenticeships deposited at the Guildhall Library. This register (Ms 6905) contains apprenticeships from 1665 to 1828 and has been fully abstracted here. From 1711 'considerations', i.e. the premium paid to the master for taking the apprentice, are recorded, but they have not been noted in the abstract. After the single entry for 1828 the surnames only are given in the margin for some six pages with 46 entries; there are then three entries of 1892. None of these post-1828 entries have been copied. While court minutes survive for this company from 1661, they do not contain details of apprenticeship bindings, at least in the period before 1665.

At certain times the register gives the location of the master, often in the provinces. This has been given in the abstracts in parentheses after the master's name.

The records of 619 Woolmens' apprenticeships have been abstracted.