Turners' Company Apprenticeships

The older records of this company are deposited at the Guildhall Library, London.

Three apprentice binding books have been abstracted to create this volume. The first, GL Ms 3302/1 covers 1604-1694, the second, GL Ms 3302/2, 1694-1759 and the third, GL Ms 3302/3, 1760-1935. As usual only pre-1800 apprenticeships have been included. The first few entries in GL Ms 3302/2 do not include details of parentage, but have been included anyway for the sake of completeness.

From mid-1766 a new clause appears at the end of binding in the form 'the master is a [occupation] and lives at [place] and the apprentice lives with him'. The index gives occupations other than turner, places outside the old London County Council (LCC) district, and any deviance from the apprentice living with the master.

The records of 7,400 apprenticeships have been abstracted.