Needlemakers' Company apprenticeships

The Company was founded in 1656, being the only one not granted its first charter by a monarch. The historic archives of this company are preserved at the Guildhall Library, London. Its records of apprenticeship start almost immediately, in 1664. Guildhall Library Ms 2818/1 is a register of apprenticeships for the period 1664-1755. After 1755 the record of the payment of Orphans' Tax continues in a volume started in 1694, but this does not give full details of the apprentice. This is, however, recorded in the court minutes, which start in 1714, and it is from these records that the apprenticeships for the period 1755-1800 have been taken. Guildhall Library Ms 2817/1 supplied 1755-59, Ms 2817/2 1759-80, Ms 2817/3 1780-88 and 2817/4 1789-1801 when that volume ends.

From 1725 to 1742 there are occasional marginal notations to the effect that the apprentice became free, etc. These are included in the abtracts.

The records of 1,503 Needlemakers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.