Painter-Stainers' Company Apprenticeships

The older records of this Company are deposited at the Guildhall Library.

The first surviving Court Minute Book of the Company covers 1623 to 1649 (GL Ms 5667/1), but contains no details of apprenticeship. The second Court Minute Book is for the period 1649 to 1793 (GL Ms 5667/2). It contains just one entry giving apprenticeship details prior to 1666, the details of which have been extracted.

The first book of Painter-Stainers' apprenticeships starts in 1666. The main registers of apprenticeship bindings, used for this index, are GL Mss 5669/1-2, covering 1666-1795 and 1796-1950. Only entries before the end of 1800 have been copied.

GL Ms 5669/1 has obviously suffered serious fire damage at some stage in its history. The volume has had a modern (1965) repair, but there has been some textual loss at the edges of pages. In some cases, lost words have been made good in an early 19th century hand, indicating that this damage occurred fairly early.

There are 3,919 apprenticeships recorded in this index. The records of 3,919 Painter-Stainers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.