Makers Of Playing Cards' Company apprenticeships

This company was founded in 1628 and received its livery in 1792. The records of this company are deposited at the Guildhall Library.

There are apprenticeship registers for this company from 1775, but no details are given. The court minutes of the Company survive from 1647. Some details of apprenticeships are given in them, though patchily. In the first register (Guildhall Library Ms 5963/1 covering 1647-74) no details of apprentieships are given. Even in the second and third registers (GL Ms 5963/2 covering 1674-1726 and GL Ms 563/3 covering 1727-85) the amount of detail given is very variable. At some periods the bare names only are given and from 1683-86 apprenticeships are again not given at all. Sixty apprenticeships without details were referred to the general index at the Society of Genealogists, but only six appeared, one without any extra detail. This is an even lower percentage than in other Livery Companies where a similar procedure has been tried. Details cease to be given in any records after 1757, and this index only covers apprenticeships to the end of 1760.

The records of 508 Makers of Playing Cards' apprenticeships have been abstracted.