Wax Chandlers' Company apprenticeships

The Wax Chandlers' are first heard of in the early 14th century and received their first charter in 1483.

There is a register of apprenticeships from 1596, but this only gives the names of the parties. The first register of apprenticeships to give details of parentage, etc. (Guildhall Library Ms 9488/1) begins 1 Nov 1666 and ends 12 Jul 1749. The second register of apprenticeships (GL Ms 9488/2) was only deposited in 1999. It contains apprenticeships 26 Jul 1749 right up to 1979, but as usual in this series, apprenticeships have only been listed up to the end of 1800.

In one section of the register, there are a number of annotations, the vast majority consisting of the single word 'free'. These have been included in the abstracts, but the absence of the 'word' free should by no means be taken to imply that the apprentice did not become free, as this annotation is only at certain periods and is very far from complete.

The records of 1,130 Wax Chandlers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.