Poulters' Company apprenticeships

The records of this company are deposited at the Guildhall Library. There are no registers of apprenticeships as such. There are lists of apprenticeships from 1620 in the wardens' accounts, but these do not generally give details other than the names of the parties. From 1691 to 1729 and from 1754 court minute books do survive, and these do give details of apprenticeships during these periods. They also sometimes refer, by way of turnovers, to apprenticeships during the period for which court minutes do not survive. All these have been noted here.

The first court minute book (Guildhall Library Ms 2184/1) covers 1691-1729. The second (GL Ms 2184/2) covers 1754-73, the third (GL Ms 2184/3) 1773-1800 and the fourth (GL Ms 2184/3) 1800-23. From the last minute book only two apprenticeships, taking the record up to the end of 1800 have been abstracted.

The records of 1,429 Poulters' apprenticeships have been abstracted.