Brown Bakers' Company apprenticeships

The Brown Bakers' Company was of medieval origins, but merged into the White Bakers' Company in 1646.

Its surviving records are at the Guildhall Library and consist of three court minute books which contain details of apprenticeships and freedom admissions. Their covering dates are 1615-46 (Guildhall Library Ms 5204/1: 13 Jan 1614/15 to 20 Nov 1622; Ms 5204/2: 13 Dec 1622 to 26 Nov 1632; Ms 5204/3: 11 Jan 1632/3 to 4 Sep 1646). The registers contain full details of parentage, etc. for freedom admissions. Of those by apprenticeship, quite a few apprenticeships predate the start of the court minutes.

Virtually the final entry is a minute concerning the uniting of the Brown Bakers' Company to the White Bakers' Company, which became henceforth the Bakers' Company, on 22 Jul 1646.

The records of 657 Brown Baker's apprenticeships have been abstracted