Glovers' Company apprenticeships

The historic archives of this company are preserved at the Guildhall Library, London. Apart from one register, the apprenticeship registers themselves do not give details of parentage, and are therefore not abstracted in this series. However, the court minutes of the Company do give such details and form the major part of the records abstracted here.

The first volume of court minutes (Guildhall Library Ms 4591/1) covers the years 1675 to 1679. There is then a long gap in the court minutes only very partially filled, as far as records of apprenticeship are concerned, by GL Ms 4592/1 which contains details of apprenticeships 1735 to 1748 (as well as freedom admissions 1738-48 not abstracted here). The apprenticeship record is annotated with whether the apprentice became free or not 1735-43 which has been rendered in the abstracts "‹›"; after the name of the apprentice. There is then a gap; though a 'new book' is noted at the end of GL Ms 4592/1 this seems to be lost. Court minutes resume in 1773 with GL Ms 4591/2 which continues to 26 March 1781. GL Ms 4591/3 covers from 1 May 1781 to 14 April 1790 and GL Ms 4591/4 covers from 10 May 1790 to 18 December 1804; they have all been abstracted here. In addition, GL Ms 2918 consists of a few miscellaneous loose indentures of the Glovers' Company 1766-81; these have been conflated in the text with the information in the court minutes, but it is also noted that there is a document in GL Ms 2918 where this is the case.

The records of 1055 Glovers' apprenticeships have been abstracted