Masons' Company apprenticeships

The early records of the Company are deposited at the Guildhall Library. Apprenticeship details are included in the court minutes books (GL Ms 5304/1-5), the covering dates of which are 1677-94 (GL Ms 5304/1), 1694-1722 (GL Ms 5304/2), 1722-50 (GL Ms 5304/3), 1750-96 (GL Ms 5304/4), 1785-1805 (GL Ms 5304/5). However, the wardens' accounts 1663-94 (GL Ms 5313) list details of apprenticeships until the court minutes series starts, and only until then, which may suggest the series of court minutes never extended previous to 1677. GL Ms 5312, which is an Orphans' Tax book covering 1694-1856, only gives bare names of entries, but contains the occasional entry not recorded in the Court Minutes and has also been occasionally useful with difficult to read entries.

The records of 1,881 Masons' apprenticeships have been abstracted.