Glaziers' Company apprenticeships

The apprenticeship registers of this company do not give any details of parentage, and so the main series of entries have been taken from the court minutes, which do have this information. GL Ms 5736/1 contains rough minutes 1698-1720, GL Ms 5735/1 contains court minutes 1742-60, GL Ms 5735/2 1761-79 and GL Ms 5735/3 1779-1815. The last volume has only been abstracted until the end of 1800. There appear to be no detailed records of the Glaziers' Company which bridge the gap 1720-42, nor any for the pre-1698 period for this company, though it has medieval origins. In the absence of these, the apprenticeship register which survives 1694-1836 (GL Ms 5738/1) has been used from its commencement on 29 Jun 1694 for entries before 24 March 1697/98 and for the gap 1720-42. Until 27 Jul 1694 only this register gives the name of the apprentice and the name of the master; thereafter only the apprentices' names are given. The records taken from GL Ms 5738/1 have been annotated wherever possible from the Apprentices' Index at the Society of Genealogists. Only a minority of the entries appear therein, but for them the parentage and name of the master can sometimes be recovered; it is interesting that only 24% of these apprenticeships are recorded in the Apprentices' Index. Some with common names may have been missed because they were apprenticed to a master of another company after being 'turned over' from a glazier; an example where the entry was found because the name was unusual is that of Edward Baron King. Another (and different) minority were those who became free. For most of the period from 1681 records survive in the Corporation of London Record Office which include apprenticeship papers of those who took up the freedom. These have not been searched for the purposes of this publication.

The records of 1,676 Glaziers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.