Tinplateworkers' Company apprenticeships

The records of this company are deposited at the Guildhall Library. One volume (GL Ms 7138/1) contains a few original seventeenth-century indentures. Some are illegible, but a half dozen are included in the abstracts. The first dates from 1666, there are three from 1668 and one each for 1676 and 1681. There are no registers of apprenticeships giving details for this company, but the court minutes which survive from 1683, give details in the vast majority of cases.

The following Guildhall Library manuscripts were used to compile this index: 7137/1 (1683-1700), 7137/2 (1700-15), 7137/3 (1715-37), 7137/4 (1737-58), 7137/5 (1758-85), 7137/6 (1786-1822). GL Ms 7137/5 is badly damaged, and some entries are lost or partially lost. Wherever possible this loss has been made good from details given in other sources internal to it and the next volume. Most frequently, this is where the apprentice is turned over to another master, but also some details have been gleaned from the admission of the apprentice to the freedom, and, occasionally, the warden's accounts in the volume have given a missing name. It is possible some more details of some of these may be obtainable from the central records of apprenticeship mentioned above.

The records of 2,320 Tinplateworkers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.