Find your ancestors in Pugh's Almanac & Queensland Directory 1926

Pugh's Queensland directories are very rare, and are hard to come by. This Almanac and Directory for 1926 is the 68th year that Pugh's Directories of publication, and while not quite as extensive as the those in the latter 1800s, this one still consists of 650 pages, and would be a very handy publication to have in your home, if you were in Queensland in this period.

Consisting of not only a Directory, but also an Almanac, Diary and a Gazetteer - and having information such as a listing of most businesses in Queensland, as well as details for the various governmental departments, churches throughout the state, inland postal routes, the Jewish calendar, land agents, military staff, even the moon's rising and setting schedule for the year, as well as the local time compared to Greenwich - this is an incredible publication.

The country towns trade directory is listed alphabetically by town, with each occupation listed underneath, together with the worker's names. The Brisbane directory lists the occupations alphabetically with names under each.