Find your ancestors in Pugh's Almanac & Queensland Directory 1893

By 1893, this work was already in it's 35th year of publication. Containing all the regular features of a Pugh's Directory such as the City of Brisbane Directory, and a Country Postal Directory, and Alphabetical Trades and Professions for Queensland for 1893. The Almanac contains information such as a calendar, a diary of events for this year, Queensland parliamentary record, gardening calendar, government departments, even listing of those in the legal profession, medical officers, ministers of religion, banks, masonic lodges, etc. You will also find meterological observations, postal information, population, ports and harbours, and more.

A number of unique features are included in this particular Pugh's, the first being that it includes a summary of obituaries that were published in the Queensland Government Gazette throughout 1892. These give name, occupation, residence and age. The second is that includes a 'Queensland Men of the Times' biographies section, consisting of 27 pages. And the third one is that it includes a 'Pensions and Retiring Allowances' listing. This lists persons by surname, together with their previous profession/s, the amount they were paid, and the date when first paid.

This is truly an exceptional publication that is chock-a-block full of useful information, on not only places and people, but also the social happenings of the time in Queensland.