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4. Subscriptions

Different Subscriptions give access to different Records. Further details about the types of Subscription available can be found on the Site here. Descriptions may be abbreviated but, to the best of our ability, are correct at the time of input onto the Site. Usage limits apply to Subscriptions. Please see below for further detail.

The minimum initial Subscription term will be described during the order process. Some promotional offers and/or some Subscriptions may have a 12-month minimum term (subject to any right to cancel you may have - see further below). Some offers may not be available to existing subscribers.

The renewal date of the Subscription you are purchasing is clearly stated before you finalise the purchase of the Subscription.

When you purchase a Subscription, it is on a continuous basis, meaning your Subscription will automatically renew, without notification, for the same subscription period as the initial subscription period. Monthly Subscriptions are renewed each calendar month and 12-month Subscriptions auto-renew after the previous 12-month period has expired. The debit or credit card originally used for payment, will be charged based on your chosen Subscription package, on the day the Subscription automatically renews.

You may elect not to renew a Subscription and can turn off the automatic renewal at any time (so long as this is no later than two working days before the current Subscription is due to expire), by i) going to 'My Account' and ‘My subscription’ page on the Site, selecting “Turn off auto-renew” or ii) contacting our customer support. If you do not turn off automatic renewal or cancel your Subscription in accordance with this process, we will automatically renew your Subscription and will take payment in accordance with this section 4. For more details, click here

Turning off automatic renewal will means your subscription expires on what would otherwise have been the next renewal date. Once expired, you will lose access to records, including any previously viewed records, with the exception of free-to-view records available on Site. More details can be found here

Subject to any statutory right to cancel that you may have, we cannot provide refunds for a automatically renewable Subscription that has not been cancelled in accordance with this section.

If you are eligible to upgrade your Subscription, you will see the 'Upgrade' option within 'My Account'. Alternatively, you can contact customer support.

You may not downgrade your Subscription package during the current Subscription period. If you wish to downgrade your Subscription package, this must be done within 5 days prior to the expiry of your current Subscription period through the 'My Account' page on the Site or by contacting customer support.

If you have subscribed to one of our 12-month Subscriptions, you will be entitled to a loyalty discount of 15% off our listed Subscription price if you renew for a further 12-month Subscription (Discount). The Discount will not apply if you renew on a monthly Subscription basis. If you allow your 12-month Subscription to lapse but then renew it within 30 days of lapse, you will still receive the Discount. The Discount will be applied every time you renew one of our 12-month Subscriptions in accordance with the above.

Our subscriptions are based on a calendar month, payments will be made on the same day each month which will make it easy for you to keep track of the payment date.

  • 1 Month = 1 calendar month
  • 3 Months = 3 calendar months
  • 6 Months = 6 calendar months
  • 12 Months = 12 calendar months

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