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3. Free Trial

You may sign up to a free trial (Trial) which allows you to view a selection of Records for a trial period. In order to obtain a Trial, you will need to register with the Site and follow the prompts on screen to set up the Trial.

There is no obligation to purchase a Subscription or use Micropayments following the Trial. However, we do require your credit or debit card details in order to grant you the Trial. Upon registration for a Trial, you shall be asked to select which type of Subscription you would like to base your Trial on. You cannot take a free trial of our Premium subscription. Details about the types of Subscription available can be found on the Site. Please note that different terms and conditions apply to subscriptions purchased through the App.

You may also upgrade or downgrade your Trial during the Trial period. Upgrades will take effect immediately. Downgrades will take effect at the expiry of the Trial Period. The exception to this is a change from any Trial to a Premium Subscription of any duration. If you choose to upgrade from any Trial to Premium this will immediately convert to a paid subscription and payment will be taken at the point of conversion in accordance with our Premium subscription terms & conditions.

If you do not cancel your Trial prior to the expiry of the Trial Period, you shall automatically be charged for the Subscription selected for the Trial, and we will take payment accordingly. You may, at any time during the Trial Period, cancel the Trial by signing in to your account online and un-ticking the 'Auto-renew my subscription' box or by emailing [email protected] or by on +44 (0)20 3326 6300 Monday - Friday 5am - 1.30pm (EST) +1 (855) 246-8234 Monday - Friday 7am and 5pm (ET) to request cancellation.

If you are a consumer user and not a Genealogist, you will also have the additional right to cancel any Subscription entered into following the expiry of the Trial Period, in accordance with the Cancellations section below.

Trials are limited to one per household and we reserve the right to reject a request for a Trial if we have reasonable grounds to think that you or someone in your household has already participated in one.

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