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Explore free ancestry records on Findmypast

Discover your family's amazing past for free at Findmypast. Delve into millions of free newspaper pages, free census records, free parish registers and free military records online today.

Free newspapers on Findmypast

Free newspaper archives

Over a million newspaper pages, spanning from 1720 to 1880, are free-to-view on Findmypast. In partnership with The British Library, it's our way of giving everyone the chance to unlock rich family stories they won't find anywhere else. Old papers see the extraordinary lives of ordinary people played out in print. What's more, some of our free resources have been specifically selected to illuminate the histories of diverse and previously underrepresented communities. Delve into over 150 free newspapers online today and see where your past takes you.

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free parish records

Free Irish parish records

Irish ancestry? Uncover hundreds of years of Emerald Isle history in our Catholic parish registers. They cover all of Ireland and date as far back as the 1700s.

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free census records

Free census records

Search and view the 1881 Census of England, Wales and Scotland transcripts for free on Findmypast. Discover your ancestors' addresses, occupations and more.

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shipping records free

Free travel records

Uncover globetrotting relatives and their exploits in millions of free passenger lists and travel records. Find out where they embarked, their travel companions and final destinations.

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free military records

Free military records

A selection of unique British military records are completely free to search and view on Findmypast. Discover your family heroes, their ranks, regiments and medals.

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Free Devon Wills Index

Search for your ancestors in the Devon Wills Index from 1163-1999, free to view on Findmypast. This index of wills has been made available by the Devon Wills Project.

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