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10. Free Gifts

You will be informed whether your Subscription qualifies for a free gift. Any free gifts offered when you purchase a Subscription are subject to availability. If a free gift is included in a Subscription which you have purchased, we will use our reasonable endeavours to deliver the free gift within 20 working days of conclusion of the contract. If you cancel your Subscription and you have received a free gift with this Subscription, you must return the free gift to us unopened and in a saleable condition, to the address we notify to you. You have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of the free gift whilst is in your positions. If you fail to comply with the obligations to return the free gift to us and/or take reasonable care of it, we may deduct the cost of any loss, or deterioration, of the free gift from you, up to the retail price of the free gift, from the refund to which you are otherwise entitled. You will be responsible for the cost and risk of returning the free gift to us.

If we deem any free gift offer to be misused, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer and not fulfill the gift promotion. We reserve the right to withdraw a free gift promotion at any time.

DNA Kits which are provided as a free gift will require the user to set up an additional, separate, account with our partner Living DNA and will be subject to you and, if different, the user of the DNA kit agreeing to Living DNA’s terms and conditions available on from time to time (“Living DNA Terms”). Provisions in the Living DNA Terms regarding “how the contract is formed between you and us” (currently, section 6), “your consumer right of return and refund” (currently, section 8), approximate delivery dates (currently Section 9.1) “price of services and delivery charges” (currently, section 11) and “how to pay” (currently, section 12) will not apply to free gifts offered with our Subscriptions, instead of which our Terms will apply.

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