The amount of information listed varies, but the WWI Distinguished Conduct Medal Citations records usually include the following information about your ancestor:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Year
  • Regiment
  • Citation

    The citations for Distinguished Conduct Medals are hard to find - unit histories often have no space for more than a brief mention; or just the bare fact of the award tucked away in an appendix. Others are lost in the labyrinth of small print in the official 'London Gazette'. To view the citations you should view the original image, as well as viewing the transcript.
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    The Distinguished Conduct Medal was instituted in 1854 during the Crimean War to recognise gallantry for Other Ranks (i.e., non-officer rank). Bars were awarded in recognition of further acts of gallantry meriting the same award

    These records list the full citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal (and second and third award bars) in the Great War. The Distinguished Conduct Medal may not have the cachet of the VC, but the deeds told in the citations for the award are just as heroic and inspiring.