Discover if your ancestors served with the British Army during the Palestine conflict, from 1945 until 1948 and died while stationed in Palestine. The records can give you details about your relative’s family, birth place and how he/she died during the conflict. The record will be a valuable addition to your family history.

Each record is an original transcript of the death register. The amount of information in each record can differ, but most include a combination of the following information about your relative:

  • Name
  • Soldier Number
  • Rank
  • Regiment
  • Battalion
  • Place of Service
  • Year and date of birth
  • Age
  • Year of Death
  • Event – details of death
  • Date of Event
  • Family Details
  • Awards
  • Buried or Commemorated
  • Burial or Commemoration location

Discover more about the Palestine Conflict British Deaths 1945-1948

After the Second World War, Palestine was under the control of Britain. Palestine had endured a history of conflict between the Jewish and Arab populations, especially with the growing influx of Jewish immigrants into Palestine during WWII. Anti-British sentiment began to grow among militant Zionist groups; such as, the Stern Gang and the Irgun Zvai Leumi, when the British government did not push forward the creation of an independent Jewish state or revoke the White Paper policy on Palestine. The White Paper policy from 1939, stated that an independent Jewish state would not be created but, instead an independent Palestine, which would be governed by both Jews and Arabs. Additionally, it also limited the number of Jewish immigrants allowed into Palestine for the next five years, after which a new immigration policy was to be determined by the Arabs. The Zionist militant groups began to attack British personal and military sites.

A pivotal moment during the Palestine Conflict was the terrorist attack on the King David Hotel, 22 July 1946. The hotel was the British administrative headquarters of Palestine. Ninety one people were killed in the attack. Some of the names of the military victims are within these records. The records document the deaths of 914 people during the Palestine Conflict.

In 1947 the British government referred the matter to the newly created United Nations. In May 1948 Britain withdrew from Palestine, ending the Palestine conflict. The United Nations then partitioned Palestine to create two independent states; Israel for the Jewish population and Palestine for the Arab population.