What can these records tell me?

These records are transcripts, the level of information varies, but will usually tell you the following about your ancestor:
  • First name(s) – recorded as initials
  • Last name
  • Rank
  • Service
  • Section
  • Date missing
  • Date repatriated

Some records include additional details e.g. death date.

Discover more about these records

These records are transcribed from a volume printed by Messrs Cox & Co. (bankers and regimental agents). The bank processed cheques issued to and by officers, and therefore had details of their whereabouts.

The records include information about officers of the Royal Air Force, Royal Naval Air Service, Royal Naval Division and officers of the Dominions. The original aim of the volume was to give advice and information to relatives about wounded officers of the British Expeditionary Force. A system evolved of obtaining all available information on officers reported as missing and this gradually became the main work of the enquiry office of Messrs Cox & Co.

Among the prisoners is William Leefe Robinson (W.L in the record). Leefe Robinson was awarded the VC for shooting down a German airship over London in September 1916. He was captured in April 1917 after being shot down. He made several attempts to escape and was kept in solitary confinement. His health suffered badly and he died, just two weeks after being repatriated, from influenza.