Every record will include a digitised image of the original source and a transcript. The transcripts will give you structured details about your relative. Through viewing these fantastic images of original sources, you will be able to gain significant facts and enrich your family history further. The collection includes ten different sources:

  • HAC 1st Battalion register 1914-1919
  • HAC 2nd Battalion rolls & papers 1916-1919
  • HAC admission registers 1848-1914
  • HAC depot register 1917-1918
  • HAC next of kin photographs & letters 1915-1919
  • HAC officers 1910-1915
  • HAC printed membership lists for 1915 and 1919
  • HAC regimental number register 1914-1919
  • HAC vellum membership books 1908-1922
  • HAC World War One record cards 1914-1919

Discover More about the Honourable Artillery Company

The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) is the oldest regiment in the British Army. It traditionally traces its origins to 1537 when King Henry VIII granted a charter to the Fraternity of Artillery of Longbows, Crossbows and Handguns. The military side of the HAC has been a regiment of the Territorial Army (now called the Army Reserve) since 1908.

The Company initially comprised only infantry sub-units but in 1781 an artillery division was created for the first time. Members of the HAC fought in the South African War and seven HAC units distinguished themselves in World War One on the Western Front (winning two VCs in 1917) and in the Middle East. Around 4,000 members were commissioned into other units of the armed forces during this war. The partnership page contains further information about the HAC.