Search through thousands of Roman Catholic sacramental registers from the British armed forces. The registers comprise records for the British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Navy stationed at home and abroad between 1836 and 1975.

This collection comprises baptism, confirmation, marriage, and burial records. The information found in each record will vary depending on the event type. With each transcript, you will also be able to view an image of the original sacramental register.

The British Armed Forces, Roman Catholic Registers have been digitised from The Scottish Catholic Archives. They contain sacramental registers of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials between 1836 and 1975. The registers feature the names of military personnel and their families stationed both at home and abroad. You will find registers from the military towns Aldershot and Shorncliffe, as well as bases in Cairo, Cyprus, Malta, and more.

The registers were created by the Bishopric of the Forces, the religious officials of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for the pastoral care of Roman Catholics in the military. Roman Catholic registers were often recorded in Latin. Latin was the official language of the Church until the second half of the 20th century. Below is a list of common Latin words found in the records to help you decipher the detailed images.


Many of the registers will be written in Latin. Latin was the language of the Roman Catholic Church until the 1960s. Below are common Latin words you may find in the registers.

  • Aetati - age
  • Anno Domino – year of Our Lord
  • Baptizandi - baptised
  • Cognomen - surname
  • Die mensis – day of month
  • Domicilium - residence
  • Filium / Filiam - son or daughter
  • Matrimonium – the sacrament of Holy Matrimony or marriage
  • Matrina fuit - godmother was
  • Mensis - month
  • Natus - birth
  • Nomina parentum – the names of parents
  • Nomen sacerdotis - the name of the assistant priest
  • Observanda – observations or notes
  • Patrinus fuit - godfather was
  • Praesntibus testibus – their presence as witnesses
  • Sepultum est - buried in
  • Sponsoribus – sponsors