Find your ancestors in The Sligo Chronicle Almanac and Directory for 1878

Each record includes a transcript and image of the original publication. While the amount of information varies, most transcripts include the following:

  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Year
  • Section
  • Town

Images often include additional information such as occupation and address. For example, we learn in the business directory section that John Meldrum is a house painter and decorator on Ratcliffe-street.

Discover more about these records

This rare publication by the Sligo Chronicle newspaper includes a wealth of information about County Sligo and its citizens. Within its pages is a complete business directory including lists of all administrative officials, members of the judiciary, and the staff of Sligo Corporation, the Harbour Board, Sligo & Leitrim Asylum, and the County Infirmary.

Extensive information is provided about the various Poor Law Unions in the county: Sligo, Tobercurry and Dromore West. Additionally, there are establishment lists for religious bodies, schools, and the army, as well as poems, information on famous inhabitants of Sligo, and a calendar chronicling the year ahead.

Furthermore, this publication contains copious amounts of detail regarding the county itself, including its history and descriptive information about Sligo town, Rosses Point, Ballymote, Collooney, Ballisodare, and Easky.

The rich information provided by the Sligo Chronicle Almanac and Directory for 1878 will allow you to add depth to your ancestor’s story as it expands your knowledge of County Sligo.